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This will be a politics free zone.  I’ll be keeping the news to ultramarathon and trail running, beer, outdoor adventures, gear, weird bodily functions, and endurance news.  If you want to gloat or cry, head on over to FB. Thanks.

So you hiked the PCT. What did you learn?

How to run a VK like Kilian.

Good piece on Michael Versteeg’s Arizona Trail FKT.

I know three people with Raynaud’s Syndrome (my sister is one), and all three of them are runners. Is there a correlation, or is it just that most people I know are runners?

Getting ready for day three: Himalayan Ultramarathon. That’s Lhotse, Everest, and Kanchenchunga. (pic courtesy CS Pandey)

Here’s a short video from Guillaume where he shows us the beautiful single track and fall colors from the French Alps.

Good read: How brand influencers affect buying decisions.

Here’s the live tracking site for the IAU 50k champs in Doha.

Nickademus Hollon has a lengthy resume of ultramarathon finishes (including youngest finisher at Barkley), and he seems totally geared up and focused on his latest target: World’s Toughest Mudder. Here’s an interview about his training and practice.

Four take-aways from the world’s fastest kindergarten teacher (and CR holder at Rio Del Lago 100 miler.)  How does David compare downhills to farts? Click here to find out.

The nineteen people you see at every beer festival.

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