Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 12

Treeline Journal: Excellent post by Chase about slowing down on the trails and learning something new. A bird species, the etymology of a trail name or the history of the area. (For anyone who runs with kids, these are all normal occurrences.)

And yet another sport (activity, art, whatever ya wanna call it) I never knew existed: Gymwheel. Am I the only one who winces each time she rolls, afraid she’ll smash her fingers?

SCMP: Jesse Yang is one of those guys who makes me feel pathetic. No arms, no shoulders, but he’s a competitive swimmer.
And I learned a new saying: “Yi bai tu di” meaning a defeat that leaves you flat on the ground and/or defeated and in a hopeless position. I think we’ve all had those, right?

Later this week, I’ll be interviewing Matthew McConaughey.
(Kidding, I think mine is the only show he hasn’t been on recently.)

I reported on Tierney Wolfgram’s incredible marathon record last week…she ran it on the American River bike path right near my house. It’s also the same path Jim Walmsley and crew ran last year when he set the WR for the 50 miler. Anxious to see who else utilizes that incredible stretch of DG and blacktop for more record attempts. There are a few races each year (half marathons up to Jed Smith 5o miler), and it’s really an ideal venue for distance events. Zero automobile traffic, relatively flat and centrally located. I’m hosting a kids fatass 5k there on Saturday and hope to see more events.

TrailRunner/Strout: The writer believes it’s impossible and imprudent to keep politics out of running. While I disagree, it’s always good to digest and try to understand both sides.

If you’re not following Davy Crockett’s ultrarunning history page on Facebook or his site/podcast, you’re missing out. A tidbit from this week:

Are you following the Blue Collar Runners series from ultrarunning magazine. This month the focus is on Eve Rebbenack, a runner/coach originally from Indiana who’s got her eyes set on international desert races and Western States.

Thursday Funny: No one sure if guy running in rain is tough or just dumb.

What we think are the worst and most challenging moments of our lives don’t typically look quite as bleak in the rearview mirror. No matter what the challenge is, there is almost always a way through it and, almost always, we’re better off having experienced that turmoil because we wind up stronger, smarter and more stable on the other side. That, of course, also applies to how we benefit by getting through a challenging section of a run or hard race.

Trailrunner Mag/Metzler: Trail running is our therapy.

An interesting look at the finances–and future–of collegiate track and field. Good read.

Welp, Guinness 0.0 is off to an inauspicious start.

And the rise of other non-alcoholic beverages, from cannabis infused seltzers to drinks with herbs, roots, and nootropics, the adult beverage landscape is changing.

Personal: Thanks for all the notes and emails re the hemorrhoids. Turns out it’s not roids! After a visit with the doc (no video appointments for this one, thankyouverymuch), turns out it’s prostatitis, an infection in my prostate. I’ve never had any problems before, so this is new and I’m learning more about his little walnut-sized bastard every day. Doc was initially concerned and used the “c” word, but it seems this is just an infection. One thing is for sure…it’s unComfortable!
Thanks again though. No running for a couple days, then I should be good to go. Any other fellas experience this?

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