Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Nov 12

In this age of OTS, here’s the why, when, and how of taking a mental break from training.

Part keg, part growler, part tap: The Man Can.  I’ve been using the insulated 64oz growler from Drink Tanks (with the keg cap attachment) and have been pretty impressed.

Awesome: High school XC running with Cerebral Palsy will make you forget about the issues you’re having with your training. (Coincidentally he’s running at my HS alma mater. Go Indians!)

Why the anti-doping efforts aren’t working.

I’ve been testing this thing like crazy, my kids have had their way with it, and it keeps going. Here’s my review of the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp.

Emelie Forsberg weighs in on the “healthy eating and body image” discussion.

I don’t have a lot of swimming endurance, but I want to do one of these races sooooo bad.

Three ways to handle “catcalls” while running.

Short ultramarathon and trail running news day. What’d I miss?

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