Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 14

Timmy Parr’s report from his win at the SkyRunning US Championships.

Ultrarunning Magazine: One of the coolest and lowest key guys on the MUT scene is Gus Gibbs. Anxious to see what his 2020 looks like.

Runner’s World: Ya know, not a bad list. I don’t expect much from “Hardest Races in the World” posts, but this one gets most of them right.

Sports Illustrated: More from Mary Cain on the NOP debate.

Medium: It will take a female coach to protect the next Mary Cain.
How about also: It will take parents opening their eyes and watching out for their children’s best interest when they send their daughters across the country to train with a guy who’s had a public cloud of suspicion and abusive reputation over his head for decades? Salazar’s been a monster for years and these young ladies should never have been put in this position.

Telegraph: The culture of weight-obsessed coaches and female athletes doesn’t stop at the US borders unfortunately.

LetsRun: Division 1 NE XC championships moved to road after course gets wet and icy. Not sure if this was a premature call or if hosting the race would be a detriment to the course. Any info?

NBC: New “F*ck PG&E” beer hits the shelves in Sonoma County.

ATRA: Opportunities for youth in Mountain, Ultra, Trail, and Skyrunning. Is MUTS the new acronym?

Western States: With WSER removing No Hands Bridge as an aid station, that means there’s one more entry for the lottery draw. Woohoo!

Lots of movies about Barkley, but this one that follows Nicky Spinks looks particularly interesting.

Ultrarunning: Karnazes writes a report from a 100k in Australia I’d never heard of, but with one with a legendary aid stations and food choices.

Runner’s World: Should a Muslim woman wearing a hijab be able to compete in “non-wetsuit” triathlons or have to sign a waiver attesting to her faith? Is this a legitimate reason for an exception, or just another version of a TUE? Seems there should be some consistency to race policies.

Coros: New tech helps with data while running a track workout. Very cool.

Thursday Funny: Study shows that running even once per week can cause people to talk about running incessantly.

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