Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 16

This is an excellent piece that anyone participating in outdoor activities should read. What to do if you find yourself lost without shelter, food, or water. First step: STOP.

Ladies: Concerned with your safety when running? Carry a knife and know how to use it like this badass in Utah.

This piece in Outside rubs me the wrong way. The author seems to imply/assume that unless the LGBTQ crowd is waiving a flag while dressed in REI gear, then they don’t exist in the outdoors.  I’ve got two trail running friends–Jeff’s a gay guy and Melissa’s a lesbian–who may not show the outward signs (not my idea…that’s what the author seems to want) of their orientation, and if either appeared in a magazine, they wouldn’t be easily identifiable as “gay endurance athletes.” But to ignore their existence because they don’t share his same level of overt outness makes me question his real understanding of the outdoor demographic. 
URP guest Coree is a proud gay dude from Chicago, but his orientation never even came up in our chat and I didn’t introduce him as “gay runner Coree Woltering.” The beauty of this sport is its egalitarianism, and while focusing on recruitment from under-represented groups is a great practice, interesting to discuss, and commendable in every way possible, this author’s insistence that the outdoor space is not respectful and open to the LGBTQ community is not fair and shortsighted.  Did you have the same take away from the article? Disagree with me?

You know what I was saying about this sport being open to all? Turns out, the French seem to have a different level of acceptance for runners with terrorists’ names on their jerseys.

This is why Ian Sharman has had staying power: He recognizes a problem/thread and makes a smart decision to take time off.

Hey, pssst. You don’t need all that s*it to enjoy the outdoors. I describe my kit like I describe myself: Cheap and ugly.

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