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Here we go again: How fu&king hard is it to measure a track accurately?!? ¬†Camille Herron’s 100 mile record from February is wiped from the books as the track certification is deemed invalid. Either the RD or the folks at USATF need to catch hell for this. It’s totally unacceptable and makes our sport look ultra-amateurish.

A list of elite ultramarathon and trail runners along with their sponsors and social handles. Cool resource, but I wouldn’t want this job in about six weeks! (For those not familiar, most athlete contracts are on a calendar year schedule and will change Jan 1.)

I can’t imagine the amount and color of phlegm that grandpa coughs up after a race.

Gary Robbins tapped to host the Canadian Mountain and Trail Running Champs next year. I mean, duh, right?

Not allowed at the race: AI-enabled “skates.” (Seriously, check these things out.)

Stonecat sounds like an awesome race with a great following. Why is it ending?

But does a good character matter in the athletic context? Indeed, it does! It matters a great deal.

–Sabrina Little writes about the importance of character when it comes to athletics. Great read as always.

Coaching: What’s more important to an athlete’s volume, distance or duration?

Another reason to keep running.

I swear I’ve watched this 100 times and it never, ever gets old: Hawks v Miller at TNFEC, 2016

Is getting parodied on Dumbrunner similar to an artist getting covered by Weird Al? Either is a sure sign of your impact on the market.

What’s going on in the ultramarathon and trail world this weekend? Ultrarunnning Magazine has the schedule right here.

I’ll admit to being only slightly familiar with Genevieve Harrison’s name, but after reading this piece on her and her recent accomplishments, I’m fascinated by her journey in, away, around, and back to the sport.

Burning pain in your foot? It might be Morton’s Neuroma. I’ve been hearing more and more about this condition recently and I’m not sure why that is. Easier to diagnosis? Simply more runners?

Pam Reed earns a very well-deserved inclusion into the Ultrarunning Hall of Fame. I mentioned it in my tweet yesterday but it bears repeating here: She ran Western States, Hardrock, and Badwater all within 33 days and remains the only person to complete that triple. And that’s only a small portion of her accomplishments.

The benefits of coffee for runners

Do you have a guy or gal like this in your area? Someone who knows every inch of trail, how they connect and where and how they originated? For the Auburn/Cool area I’d say Wayne Miles gets a nod with Chaz Sheya also incredibly knowledgeable.

This year alone, there have been 23 Kenyan athletes popped for doping.  Good news that anti-doping training has finally started.

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