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Lack of time is not an excuse to miss your training goals, writes David Roche.  My response: Meet my kids.

Correlation or causation? Know the dang difference.

Interesting: Which states have the highest percentage of citizens signing up for outdoor endurance events? Caveat: Calculated using active.com data.  Find out here.

Ethan and I interviewed Hayden Hawks yesterday and I’ll release the show later today.  This dude is fast and ready to race out front at North Face. Ooooeeee!

We reviewed the Stryd Powermeter last year right here.  Now they’ve introduced a FootPod and the fellas from TrailRun mag in Australia did a thorough write up right here. (LINK FIXED.)

The IAU (Int’l Assoc of Ultrarunning) issued a statement yesterday announcing that its president Dirk Strumane had been “suspended from his job in Belgium whilst an investigation is underway” and he wouldn’t be leading the IAU for the time being.  Quick, someone get in there and redesign the website and make it usable!  

The Ginger Runner’s #GRVR16 Virtual Run is in two days.  I’m ready to put in some decent miles. You?

I’m still working on my Himalayan report, so be sure to check out Helena’s diary from Day 4.

Hoka hires new director of sales from immediately outside of run specialty. Interesting move.

Did you see our new Five Questions with Chris Cantrell?  Just a normal dude from Iowa who’s done two 50ks wearing boots and a rucksack.

Thanks for all the offers of help with the logos.  I’ll be sending out an email today with details.

Cool analysis of how the evolution of endurance racing relates to changing business models and strategy.

While everyone else is watching the deer take out the XC runner, let’s instead watch this avalanche wallop this car.

How exercise might keep depression at bay.   For more on the subject, refer back to our podcast with Nikki Kimball and Dr John Onate.

…could this also do with “forest bathing?” The Japanese sure think so, and they may be on to something.

And speaking of mental illness, I dug up this old article from 2006 NYT about a Slovenian endurance athlete who gets crazier as the race progresses.  No, really crazy.

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