Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 19

Treeline Journal: Best practices for good recovery for ultramarathon runners. Sleep, diet, mental health and all those gizmos you buy at race expos.

SCMP: How to practice grit. Pretty good tips in there.

Caster Semenya continues to fight for trans/nonbinary athletes. I always prefer clarity over agreement, and when we lump in those with hyperandrogenism with transgender men and women, the discussion gets murky and we’re no longer discussing the same thing. All the best to Caster and her fight for equality.

–This was from our kids club run on Tuesday and I still can’t get the smile off my face. It was the first rainy mud run for many of them and to say that they loved every single minute of it would be an understatement. Kids who struggle to run ten laps on the track wanted more, more, more after we surpassed that distance on the trails and have apparently not stopped talking about.

Uh oh, I may have misgendered that squirrel, tree, or plant on the trail. Holy hell I’m confused about queer ecology. (I double checked all this and it’s not a parody site.)

MSN: Is Thanksgiving turkey healthy? Nutritionists weigh in.

JFK50 is (at least slated) to happen this weekend and the lineup is pretty awesome. Matt Daniels, Hayden Hawks, Geoffrey Burns, Tim Freriks, Stephen Kersh, Jared Hazen, and more. Don’t have a list for the ladies besides Camille Herron and Sarah Biehl (recent Oly qualifier from Ohio making her ultra debut.) Anyone? Naturally, some people on Twitter are mad that the race is taking place at all despite all the risk mitigation from race organizers and permitting agencies.

iRunFar/Malcolm: All about Raynaud’s Syndrome. My sister’s got it, my mom’s got it (both runners) and plenty of friends deal with it. Gloves in 70 degree weather? Yup.

Regardless of your political leanings, I hope we can agree that “Four Saisons Total Landscaping Sour Grapes” is a hilarious name for a beer.

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