Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 2

Is the ultramarathon the new marathon when it comes to trying to impress your coworkers?

Oh boy, I could spend hours checking out this “heat map” generated by Strava. 

I haven’t been a regular baseball fan in decades, but admittedly got pretty wrapped up in this World Series. But after last night’s loss (yes, I’m a Dodgers fan), it was further obvious why I prefer individual sports. If I DNF a race or don’t run well, it’s 100% my fault, while there were plenty of  Dodgers who played great last night, but went home without a win because someone on their team screwed up, and those actions affected their results.  I’ll stick to running.

Free advice: Don’t try to open your beer with a pepper spray canister while in a dark movie theatre.

Looking for books about the West? Sarah’s got some recommendations right here.

Prius: verb.  1. To silently approach a runner from behind, scaring the shit out of them. Often used in running and cycling parlance.

EPSON entering the consumer GPS market with this watch aimed at runners. Can I print my Strava stats directly from my wrist?

I had to watch this film again this morning: Excellent footage and storytelling about Tim Olson’s run at Hardrock.

What if you had the chance to start running over again? Would there be big race fees and commercialization, or would it be similar to Fell Running or FKT attempts?  Good read right this way.

Getting together with some friends for an epic trail run in the Grand Canyon.

Want to run better? Smile.

Training for a hundred miler after donating a kidney.

I’ve heard from people who can’t find URP on iTunes. Here we are.

Stay tuned for a new interview today! Sarah and I interviewed a woman who completed the triple crown and used cryotherapy for recovery.

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