Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Nov 3 – I’m baaaaack!

Ultramarathon and Trail News: Thursday, November 3

First, big huge thanks to my relief team: Brad, Pete, Jason, John, Rob, and Ethan for keeping the site going during my absence.  I really appreciate the help. Thanks fellas.

…and on that note, Sarah will be interviewing me this morning about my trip/race in the Himalayas and I’ll post it later this afternoon. Lots to digest and share, then it’s time to move on to the next adventure.

Just got a new coffee table book called “Grand Trail” that features incredible pictures and stories from ultramarathon and trail running’s greatest: Anton, Kilian, Jurek, and more.  Great Christmas present for that running nerd who’s got everything. Check it out here. (That’s an affiliate link and it’ll toss a few rupees into the URP bucket if you decide to buy it.)

Interesting: Which country has the highest percentage of old men?  I thought it was Japan (Okinawa specifically), and I was wrong.

If pace groups are the key to marathon success, why aren’t they used in ultramarathons? Yeah, of course, they’re longer and it wouldn’t be as easy, but do any races offer them? Just food for thought.

Like running specialty brick-and-mortar, local bike shops are becoming extinct.

himalayan ultramarathon
Day Three (45k) in the Himalayas: How’s that for scenery?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout from Tuesday.  Glad to see he’s got a sponsor to offset the work he’s doing!

So the cleansport thing was all over the intrawebz yesterday looking like MUT’s version of the ice bucket challenge.  I haven’t looked into it enough to see what it’s all about–obviously the idea behind it is one I agree with–but what exactly does “live clean” mean? No drugs whatsoever? That doesn’t sound like much fun.

And on that note, the Rio Games were freaking filthy.

Interesting industry news: Outdoor fitness brands are creating a new space in the industry with hotel and lodging accommodations that cater to people like us.  Looks like they’re starting with higher-end login, but I sure hope they invest in budget-prices places too. Anxious to see how they do.

This British kid is the youngest to have run 100 marathons, and he’s not stopping at just one record. Let’s hope his body holds up.

Rad: Inside the world of competitive bike messenger racing.

Jim Walmsley’s report from his Grand Canyon R2R2R FKT.

Next time I decide to run in the Himalayas, I’ll be using one of these.

And finally: I’ve got a million emails to respond to. If you’ve written me in the last two weeks, I’ll get back to you. I promise. It may take a few as I’m still pretty upside down, sleep-wise.  Thanks.


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