Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Nov 5

How to be an ultrasexual hipster.

Running news in brief…with a satirical twist.

C’mon Flaherty! Do it for the Irish for f*ck’s sake.

–Matt Flaherty’s excellent report from NYC Marathon.

Heading to California’s Central Coast? Here’s a solid list of trails, runs and breweries to brighten your day.

The LetsRun peanut gallery comments on the Freeman v Nike case.

Hey government, this is why people hate you. Let the kids run in the park. My high school XC team used to hold occasional practices and meets there too.

Do you take an off-season? Can you do it both physically and emotionally?

No Ultramarathon Content: A frequent comment I get from guests is that they “hate the sound of their voice on recordings.”  Here’s why.

Gear review, podcast, and contest results coming out today. Stay tuned!

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