Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Nov 7

Scott Dunlap: Truly the end of an era for me. When I started running trails and subsequently started URP with Scotty Sandow, Scott Dunlap’s A Trail Runner’s Blog was the resource for great race reports, “synchro blogs” that covered hot issues affecting our community, interviews with compelling characters, and product reviews from a guy who really understands the consumer market. Scott was also instrumental in mentoring us as our site grew, and now as he’s shuttering his blog, we’re reminded that the Golden Age of independent blogs and discussion is further behind us on the trails.

Daily Mail: Watch your step when running backcountry trails in Hawai’i.

While far from an “everyman”, this Ethiopian guy paid for his entry at NYC Marathon, started well behind the elites, then finished third and left with $40k. Rad.

Sherpa John’s podcast: An hour long rant about why our opinions regarding the MUT scene don’t matter. I understand a lot of his underlying points, but am completely lost on the overall consistency and hypocrisy of the message.

NYT: Take a few minutes and read this incredible story about Mary Cain and her experience with AlSal and NOP. And as important as it is to us, it’s vital that young runners and parents get the message.

IRF/Liza Howard: Maybe it’s not cool to focus on his age, but holy cow, at 48, Jeff Browning is absolutely killing it. Liza digs into Bronco Billy’s quirks, motivations, and thoughts about being an “aging athlete’ in this silly sport of ours.

ADN: In the near future, there may be a vast trail system in the Alaskan backcountry with huts and refugios. Looks incredible!

Forbes: Maybe you’re not ready to go full NA, but here’s a low-cal beer you should check out.

The Trail Sisters review some overnight fast packing gear.

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