Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 1

HURT, Barkley, Hardrock, and UTMB: The Slam of the Damned.

Six beer runs for Fall 2015.  I just signed up for a 5k in December, where all runners wear Santa costumes. Ran it last year, and needless to say, beer will be involved.


Not sure how this wasn’t on my radar, but a massive fund that supports outdoor recreation expired last night. Time to write your Representatives, folks.

I’m hearing that Grindstone100 has been cancelled this weekend by the USFS due to severe rains.  Nothing on website though.

After spending a month on the DL, the URP Swag and Sticker page is back up! Thanks to everyone for the support.

A very real report from the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 100 miler. Pretty sure it’s her first hundred, and it’s worth a read if you’re coming up on yours…she’s got a great attitude.

Interesting: Expensive running shoes tend to get worse overall ratings than more affordable shoes.  Higher expectations? Too much tech? Why the disparity?

You think you know scree? You don’t know scree. (Especially in the dark.)  Report from the Beaverhead 100 in Idaho.

Frank Bozanich posted this document yesterday about the longest spans between first and last ultramarathon wins. Impressive.

International team support was an issue back in 1986 as well. Check out this throwback article from Ultrarunning Magazine.

So what’s it like racing up a freakin’ ski jump?

A philosophical look at the Black Lives Matter protest during the Twin Cities Marathon.

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