Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Oct 12

Great story: Kelly Lance’s “12’er Traverse” in Idaho sets a new standard for what can be done with enough planning and creativity.

I suck at running, and that’s OK.

Read this: Excellent piece of writing by Hayden Kennedy, the alpinist who took his life following his girlfriends’s death (from yesterday’s news.)

How to identify rattlers and what to do if you’re bit.  The one piece of advice that stood out was “keep the bite area still and lower than the heart.” I thought the bite area was supposed to be raised above the heart to slow blood flow. Can anyone clarify?

One month after winning UTMB, Francois D’Haene going for the John Muir Trail FKT in the Sierra. Leor Pantilat (interview here) has the current record.  And here’s our interview with Hal Koerner from when he and Mike Wolfe made the attempt in 2013.

ultramarathonCare-free approach to training. Love it!

How is Ironman dealing with pregnant or postpartum women earning points? Seems to be a similar issue going on with UTMB.

The Angry Jogger identifies the ten stages of modern running addiction. I’ve certainly experienced plenty of those…you?

Northern CA fire update: I lived in Santa Rosa, Calistoga, and St. Helena for years and am saddened and shocked looking at the maps. Even more when I hear about MUT friends who’ve lost their entire homes. San Francisco Running Company and Healdsburg Running Companies are both staging large donation drives meant to provide runners who’ve lost everything a chance to get back on their feet for some solace. Good on them.  
Notable businesses in area: Camelbak is HQed in nearby Rohnert Park, which at this time looks safe. Russian River Brewery is in Santa Rosa and is safe. Their as-yet-to-be-opened Windsor location is quesiontaole.  The Lake Sonoma course is safe, and RD Tropical John Medinger is safe but smoky.

She was in the best shape of her life, so why did Amy struggle so much through the Flagstaff 55k SkyRace? Excellent report with honest analysis.

You’ve heard Sarah talk with other female ultramarathon runners about the female triad. Here’s another athlete’s story about how it wreaked havoc on her life.

Four pilates moves for runners that you can do anywhere.

Meb and Shalane roll their eyes at the NOP results from Chicago.

Ladies! The North Face Endurance Championship has a stout mens field (Tofol, Max, Hayden, Sigl, Mocko, Trumer), but there looks to be some room on the female side to make it more exciting. You in?

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