Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 13

Ultramarathon News – Thurs, Oct 13

Ultramarathons are about to get really, really fast.

These are the misleading headlines that drive me crazy: Science says that 10 minute workout is just as effective as 45 minutes of running.

Did you catch the latest episode? I chat with Virgininan John Andersen about his Grindstone finish and the crazy rainstorm that covered the race.  Fun interview with good lessons…check it out below.

john andersen ultramarathon grindstone
John doing his best AJW impression.

Nine similarities between writing and running. Good stuff.

Pumpkin Spice Whip, Espresso Cloud IPA…huh? Neither of these sound at all appealing to me, but Starbucks seems to be doing all right…

Funny and true: Chicks dig guys who tie stuff to their packs.  (Or at least we think they do.)

Speaking of packs, I’m a big fan of Victory SportDesign bags (URP interview with founder/designer Victor Ballesteros right here), and they’re doing their first round of crowdfunding to help with a new pack. Check it out here.

Excellent report (wow!) from Ben Nephew about what happened when he found “pools of blood” on the course of the Catstail Trail Marathon in NY.  Key takeaway:

Fitness is a type of life insurance that can allow you to get out of the woods quickly even after losing a bucket of blood.

This article is not from 6 years ago: Gold’s Gym Partners with Vibram to Make a FiveFinger Shoe.

Recording another interview today with a NY-based Skyrunner that I’ll release when I’m gone. Stay tuned.


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