Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Oct 15

SCMP: Courtney has big plans for Big’s this weekend.

Also this weekend: The deepest and stouts women’s half marathon field in history. While plenty of Americans have been racing in Europe this summer, the US delegation won’t he attending this race for some reason. Come on, people.

iFishFar: The basics of fly fishing for trail runners. Very cool, Bryon!

Did you catch our latest interview with Anna Frost? Yeah, we talk about some running, but really about the pressures of being a sponsored athlete, losing one’s identity, coaching, traveling, parenting, and the importance of being authentic and earthy.

Definitely illegal.

Interesting article about the history of asterisked (is that a word?) javelin records and how they relate to the current shoe controversy.

Treeline Journal: Wrap-up of Moab 240, a plea for more elites to run 200s, and an ode to Candice Burt’s race directing skillz.

This weekend, one of the best middle distance runners (Jakob Ingerbrigsten) will face off against Kilian in a road 10k. (Link fixed.) Next month they should both go for a 30k in the mountains and see what happens. I’d love to see more pro athletes competing outside of their comfort zones.

Never heard of this shoe brand. Anyone tried MBT’s? They look pretty cush.

RW: A good lesson why you should always know the course and not depend on technology. Oopsies, an ultramarathon!

Short news day. What did I miss?

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