Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 15

A-ha! I found my excuse for never having real marathon success!

…and mark this down as another reason I don’t compete in triathlon.

The scariest (and most hilarious) MTB preview video you’ll ever see.

Western States is still trying to nail down a new title sponsor for 2017. Recent tweet looks like Montrail may be out? Any word how it’s looking?

Is “rockstar science” screwing up our judgement and belief in real science?

New podcast! I interviewed my mom a few days after her first trail race and found out why she’s all bruised and bloodied, as well as how she’s able to stay strong at 65.  I also recount my story from my race over the weekend.

Six do’s and don’ts for running with a stroller. I’ll add a few:

  • Bring an extra tube and CO2.  Your kid can have a blowout, so can your tire.
  • If you have a turnable front wheel, take the time to true it out at home. If it’s constantly veering to one side, you’ll go crazy.
  • Don’t plug in. Talk to your kid and point out cool stuff along the way. Trees, animals, other runners, etc.
  • You’ll learn quickly that downhills are far more horrifying than uphills. It’s like a runaway train that you HAVE to keep up with.
  • Don’t listen to other parents about what they think.

Great video from Max’s win at the Warrior Dash championships.

Sarah and I are recording a new interview with someone today who just completed a monster adventure run. Stay tuned!

Anyone know where to get any fake EPO? Stuff works!

Speaking of drugs, listen up Colorado: Your Headband Cookies, Deathstar Diesel, Ultra Critical Dawg, Orange Death Ghost, White Trash Bordello, and a few more have been recalled.  Apparently using the product will make you feel funny.

Everything you need to know about shin splints.  I’ve never had an issue with them. You?

Alright, this video makes Tor des Geants look like a great time where everyone’s smiling, waving their arms, and drinking beer. They seemed to avoid the grueling 200 miles over 75k’ of vert change thing.

Strength training for endurance runners. Most distance and ultramarathon elites do it. My mom does it. Do you?

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