Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 20

Eric’s about halfway around the world by now. I couldn’t find a live runner tracker for the Himalayan 100, but here’s a detailed list of the race itinerary, and here’s Joel Wolpert’s short film about the 2011 edition of the event.

A quick report from the Grindstone 100.

Diagonale Des Fous is a gnarly 100-miler across a tiny French island in the Indian Ocean. The race starts today at 2 p.m. EST and iRunFar has got it covered.

Ten things Must Love Jogs learned at his first 100-mile ultramarathon.

I never heard of Soylent Bars until the company that makes them started urging customers to throw their bars away to avoid getting violently ill.

A different (and much faster than myself) Pete K is now well into Pennsylvania and ahead of schedule on his trans-con record attempt. Ricky Gates reports on his daily routine, and current record holder Frank Giannino weighs in.

Meanwhile, social media claims that Michael Versteeg was sucessful in his FKT attempt on the Arizona Trail, covering the 800 miles in 15 days 22 hours 39 minutes.

Tips on preventing running injuries before they blow up.

An Aussie non-profit is getting homeless people back on their feet by running marathons. 

America’s favorite only Pixie Ninja was on the Ginger Runner Live this week to discuss Western States, The Bear 100, and adopting a kitten she found on the trail after a recent race.

11 new “advanced” GPS watches, AKA watches that might actually have enough battery life to last the duration of an ultramarathon.

Today’s news was compiled by guest contributor Pete Kresock. Pete lives, works, and runs in Ithaca, NY, and blogs about MUT running at runningthegorges.blogspot.com. Find him on Twitter and Instagram: @UltraRunnerPete.

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