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I’ll admit to never having heard of Matthew Henson, one of the first explorers to reach the North Pole in 1909. A son of former slaves who joined the Navy at 12 years old, learned to speak the Inuit language and handle sled dogs, then sold a meteorite he found for a small fortune to fund future arctic expeditions? Whaaaa? Unfortunately, because of his skin color, his accomplishments were largely ignored. Why isn’t there a movie about his dude?!?

iRunFar/Malcolm: Fact of fiction with Corrine. Do handheld bottles create biomechanics problems? How much protein do ultrarunners need? Do calf panties work?

I really appreciate the needs and goals and desires to create a more environmental sustainable sport. From athletes to brands to races, we all need to play a part. I get it. But I also roll my eyes a bit when they come from people who’ll never have to pay for a race fee or shoes or shorts or gear of any kind. Imagine the cost if all of these goals were implemented.

The experienced hiker from California who went missing in Zion for 12 days? Yeah, her story is sounding a bit sketchy.

NY Post: Hiking/climbing all 57 of Colorado’s fourteeners in f’ing high heels? Yeah, why not?
(She’s smart, attractive, active, and does cool stuff? Hello!)

Our latest podcast guest, 14 year old Sebastian Salsbury killing it in the Grand Canyon. Pic courtesy of Michael Salsbury.

Did you catch our latest podcast? Earlier this week I spoke with 14 year old Sebastian Salsbury about a pretty epic weekend most of us would’ve paid good money for! We also discuss what it’s like being a freshman in high school while also trying to balance his running goals and aspirations.
Also, Gear Guy Ben checks out some fall running jackets and a few new headlamps, one that’s entirely different than what you’re used to.

Got an email yesterday about a race format I’m suuuuuper psyched to see come to the US. Hopefully a bigger announcement to come soon.

Beer: Athletic’s Run Wild IPA has been a industry-changing beer for a few years now. It’s a phenomenal session IPA, and is often the catalyst for many people taking NA beer seriously.
But holy hell, their new single hop IPA is even better. While not as widely available as Run Wild (you can generally find RW at BevMo), I’d highly encourage you to check it out when it pops up on the website.
(Not a sponsored post. I just love the beer and want to share my experience.)

Speaking of beer, I’m curious to see how the new NA Guiness Stout tastes. Their attempt at an IPA a few years ago was so appallingyly bad I don’t have much hope, but will definitely give it a try. Has anyone had it yet?

Ugh. Matt Gunn was the RD of the first 100 miler I ran. (Bryce Canyon) and was a hell of a nice guy. He was deeply passionate about the sport, the environment, and ensuring that everyone had a positive time at his events. I hadn’t spoken to him in years but was gutted to hear he took his own life over the weekend.

Can we set up an incentive like this for MUT races? If a male cracks 14 and a female beats 16 in the same year at Western States, everyone in the US gets a plate of nachos? No pressure, elites!

Treeline Journal: It’s still in the 80s and 90s in Sacramento, but we do need to start preparing for the holiday season and cold weather running. In years past I’ve cross trained with snowshoe running, but this year I’ll be paddleboarding through the cold. Or at least, that’s the goal.

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