Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 22

Nailed it. Why run? Because it’s refreshingly hard work.

As we transition to colder weather, remember that nutrition and hydration is just as important as in the summer.

Warning: Clicking on this may be hazardous to productivity. Google streetview now has 360 degree maps of Yosemite (and other parks too.)

Bummer. This seemed to be the only channel that showed running and cycling events.

And in other media news, I didn’t even realize Marathon & Beyond was still in print. I was almost right.

Anyone ridden in a grinduro race? Looks like a cool cross between CX and MTB riding.

Did you check out our latest interview with Camille Herron? Wicked fast on the roads with a blazing 100k time, she’s transitioning to trail ultras next year and it’ll be fun to watch.

How’s the sound quality been for the podcasts? Decent levels? It’ll get better, I promise. 😉

Australia, you’re awesome. Run for beer? Yes please.

Five steps from the road to the trails.

I was checking out the North Face elite entrants list, and was hoping to see a name on there: Megan Roche. Not on there. Can we draft her?

Here’s a cool glimpse into every day running life in Iten and Eldoret, Kenya.


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