Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Oct 26 |

Check out this high schooler dragging himself across a XC finish line on Tuesday.

Have you run a hundred miler? Maybe a few? Be sure to read Peter Lawson’s report of his fourth and fifth hundreds, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and the wisdom he hopes to take into his next big adventure.

This article is fine, but it misses the main benefit of hiking for ultramarathon/trail runners: You’re likely going to be walking a lot in your race, so you better be practicing and improving your hiking game.

Want to know what a den of rattle snakes looks like thru the lens of a GoPro? Pretty sure I’ll be avoiding running trails in that part of Montana…forever.

This dude wants to create an event where people race each other in home made balloon chair contraptions. Sign me up.

Check out Guillaume’s Strava data from his Big’s Backyard Ultra run. OK, what watch has a battery life of 56 hours???

Updates on the other adventurers who won FKT grants from Ultimate Direction, La Sportia, and GU. They’ll be looking for applicants for 2018…who’s putting in, and for which route?

When you have a beer mile on the steepest country road in the country and Rickey, Anton, Francois, and others show up, there damn well better be a report about it.

An ode to that old pair of running shoes we all have. Keep them? Toss em? 

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