Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 27

Your long nightmare is almost over.  Eric comes home in less than a week!

If your house is like my house, the IAU Trail Running World Championships take a backseat this weekend to Halloween.  Caped crusaders (and stud ultra runners) Ian Sharman and Camille Herron bring you the best costumes to run in this year.  And here’s some advice on how to race fast in costume…if that’s your kind of thing.

For more details on racing in costumes, check out this podcast with Mike Wardian, who’s been known to don an Elvis suit when racing.

This isn’t a race report per se, but Zach’s post-UTMB reflections are pretty great.  Whenever he returns to racing, I wouldn’t bet against him.

Coming next month: a film on Nicky Spinks’ incredible Double Bob Graham Round.  Hoping to do the Bob Graham with some buddies next summer; this trailer has me almost hyperventilating.  Anyone have any BG advice? (I’ve already read Feet in the Clouds.  If you haven’t, stop reading this right now and buy it.)

Silke’s got a great post up about her trip to Japan last month for UTMF.

Blisters be gone!  Does this actually work?

Next time someone tells you that all that running is going to ruin their knees, tell them about the cytokines.

I know you all know that your can view my pet project, the Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings, anytime on the Ultrarunning magazine website.  But, in case you forgot, here’s an update on where we stand through this past weekend.

I’m going to interpret this how I want: IPA is good for you.  It’s science!

These both seem like things Eric linked to awhile ago, but anyway: beer made by trail runners, for trail runners. Also: shoe stores that sell beer.  I should’ve thought of that when I owned a store.  We always just gave the beer away for free.

The only performance enhancer that all athletes use.  A stupid title, but an interesting article on the power of the placebo effect and positive thinking.  (Here’s the original study.)

Actual doping news: Rita Jeptoo’s ban has been extended.  Good riddance.

Speaking of the mental aspect of the sport (we kind of were), you can participate in an interesting study being conducted by the University of Kent on beliefs about performance among endurance athletes.  I did it, it takes about 15 minutes.  Seems pretty cool.

NUC (and NSFW): the science behind great sex.  (TL;DR: you have to cuddle.)

Kind of funny: things ultrarunners say, vs. what they really mean. (Although it’s not nearly as funny as this version.)

One of Pete Kostelnick’s crew members writes in the NY Times about what it takes to break the transcontinental record.  To start with: train at least 200 miles a week.

And in the aftermath of that incredible run, here’s a recap of the first known transcontinental attempt.  I love that our sport has its roots in pedestrianism, and that, for a time, it was one of the most popular sports in the country.  (If you’re at all curious, you should check out this cool book, or this book on the ill-fated 1928 stage race across the US.)

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