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Tussey MountainBack Ultramarathon and Relay held a covid-modified race and it sounds like went really well. Sounds like a bunch of characters from every age group.

The Golden Trail Series is going on in the Azores (islands off the coast of Portugal) and Chase wrote up a comprehensive guide right here. Jim and Max are there for the American fellas, with less recognized names for the ladies. Follow along here and here. Looks like Walmsley is in 5th place after the first stage.

Kevin Beck pulls no punches when writing about some “controversies” we’re experiencing in the MUT world. Definitely worth a read.

Henry Howard generally interviews other people for his RunSpirited website, but this time he talks personally about how he’s using trail running as an escape as his dad battles Alzheimer’s Disease.

Looking for some good news? This article about the generosity of runners is just what you’re looking for.

–New episode dropping today with former rodeo rider slash kids running coach slash dirt bagging ultrarunner slash beer fanatic Clint Welch. Stay tuned.

Blind Chinese runner completes his first 100k. Nice!

Important: For example, in the UK 74% of all COVID-19 attributed deaths have been of people aged 75 and over, 90% aged 65 and over. This can be relevant for assessing the risk of mountain sports when practiced by younger mountaineers.

Within all age groups, most victims have at least one underlying health condition. Such health conditions are respiratory problems (but surprisingly not asthma, compared to the overall death rate of those in their 50s), a compromised immune system, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and dementia (Williamson et al., 2020). 

Covid and mountain sports (a non peer reviewed paper.) What percentage of those participating in mountain sports fall into the high risk/age categories? Seems important.

You heard Sebastian Salsbury’s story on URP last week, now read all about his adventure in ultrarunning Magazine.

If you have’t yet read Tommy Puzey’s first message since July, I’d urge you to check it out on Instagram.

Tommy Hughes is a sixty year old recovering alcoholic and just set a new AG record with a 2:30 marathon.

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