Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Oct 3

SCMP: Another great post by Mark Agnew about whether–and how–drug testing would work in the ultramarathon and trail scene. I agree with most of his points, but considering UTMB as a governing body?!? Ack! No!

Sarah Lavender Smith: Hell yes! Sarah’s report from her hard fought win at Grand to Grand Ultramarathon. This post really makes me want to compete in that race.

If you’re looking for another stage race, here’s a new one in Romania that’s taking place next summer.

TrailRunner: The UTMB series could look very, very different next year if this glacier collapses.

New episode dropping today. And hey, if you’re not seeing URP pop up on your chosen podcast player, shoot me a message. Thanks.

BikeBiz: Uber will now send alerts to drivers to watch out for cyclists in high bike traffic areas. Cool new advancement from the private industry.

The minute I stopped my legs cramped from waist to ankle. It was all I could do not to scream at the top of my lungs. I rode it out, sucking in deep breaths as I watched my muscles twitch, as if a thousand snakes were wiggling inside each one. Why hadn’t I taken my mother fu*king poles? Wait, why am I cursing at myself? How is this helping? Time to right the ship. I figured if it hurt more to stand still than to slowly walk up this fu*king hill, then I better get to walking.

Matthew’s report from his finish at Pine to Palm 100. Nice work.

I’m not going to dwell on Salazar/Brown/NOP today (well, except for this piece by Kevin Beck), but am looking for clarification on something: What does the four year ban mean? He can’t go to sanctioned meets? Can’t work with athletes? Does anyone have more details? Thanks.

ScienceDaily: Amputees are able to “feel” bionic leg with new technology. Great advancements and possibilities for climbing, running, and every day life. Briefly mentioned is whether this is able to quell “phantom limb pain.”

Former Comrades winner upset that winner won’t get 1,000,000 Rand (~$65k USD) for a win next year. And….there’s the reason we won’t see Africans dominating the US ultra scene any time soon.

Yo aid station captains, stock up! Coke Energy drink hits the US market.

Sinister7 in Canada adds a 50 mile option for next year. But a 1pm start time?

TrailRunner/Roche: Have some tissues ready for this one: Dave lost his wife to cancer, then took on the race of his dreams in her memory.

Tech: If you’re really into data, tech, and tracking, this post is for you.

Backpacker: Drunk guy in Yellowstone. Night time. No headlamp. Thermal hot springs. Guess where this headed…

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