Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Oct 4

Haven’t dug into this yet, but this morning UTMB announced a “World Series Majors” of ultramarathon and trail running. More here. Qualifiers, points, fees, travel, blah blah blah.

Sarah Lavender Smith sits down for seven questions with the incredible Maggie Guterl.

And here’s our interview with Maggie from five years ago…just as she was rising in the ultra scene.

Derrick Lytle just released a new trail running video and from I’ve seen, it’s pretty damn cool. He’ll be releasing it in segments on YouTube…here’s the teaser and the first portion.

West Virginia’s only 100 miler is this weekend. Are there any states that don’t have a hundred?

I don’t think I was ever actually considering stopping. It was a question of whether I might have to, rather than would I want to. That same voice that says how marvellous it would be to break a leg 70 miles into a hundred miler, just so you can stop, suggested that maybe I’d picked up a bug. I like to think everyone has that voice, the bit that would be a tiny bit secretly relieved if some act of god ended your race.

–I always love a good Tor des Geants report and this one by Ally Beaven is right on target.

The Hellbender 100 has two registration pages in an attempt at equal participation…one for men and one for women. That’s cool. Then they jump the woke shark and allow self-declaration for trans and non-binary runners, but I’m not clear….on which page does a non-binary runner sign up?

iRunFar: Excellent report on an icon in the sport, Mama Lisa Felder. She talks about training and coaching, fighting cancer, recruiting Black runners to the sport, and more.

SCMP: It’s outdoors, spread out by hours (and even days!), has deep history and raises a ton of money…and yep, the Oxfam Trailwalker in HK was denied another permit. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Meanwhile...events in the UK are ramping back up.

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