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Fernanda Maciel smashes the FKT for up and down Kili. Nice! I couldn’t find an update on the men’s same route FKT since Kilian’s run in ’13.  

Uncle Bud’s Hut sounds pretty awesome. Runner friendly too?

Good news! The feedblitz/RSS problem seems to be fixed. Please let me know if you’re not receiving the feed still. Thank You for your patience.

Larry: A 5k run for charity outside of a bowling alley?! You gotta admit that’s rife for misinterpretation!

Thursday Funny: Abandoned Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry ducks out of a charity 5k.


Pretty sure this article about favorite shoes was written just to taunt me. 

The Best Run News Show.  Good stuff as always.

In this, a 150-mile race in hot weather on gravel roads that includes climbing two mountain ranges on steep, rocky trails, he hit the 100 km mark in under 7 hours, the 100 mile mark (atop the highest mountain range) in under 13 hours, then took less than 9
hours for the remaining 50 miles.

–Take a minute to read just how good Yiannis Kouros was. Hard to fathom what that guy could do with/to is body. If you’re newish to the sport and are not familiar with Kouros’ records, be sure to check them out.

The Angry Jogger lists twelve reasons why runners are so annoying to normal people.

And here are twelve good pieces of advice to help you feel better and less hopeless.

I’m not sure I follow how America is ruining Cyclocross. It’s changing it, but change happens. Similar problems facing trail running, or something more? CX riders, chime in please.

Surprising: The first race featuring age groups wasn’t until 1961

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