Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Oct 6

Ultramarathon Daily News

This is a general “what gear should I splurge on” list.  What ultramarathon/running products should be on that list besides shoes? (My opinion: Never look at price. Use what works best, whether it’s the cheap stuff or the expensive stuff.)

24 Hour Green Beret Challenge: Sounds like an awesome adventure for OCR folks or those with a hardcore adventure background.

This is the best bike helmet EVER.

More info and pics on Jim’s Grand Canyon run. Oh please oh please stay healthy, don’t get hurt, and don’t burn out.  The JFK/TNF double is an awesome idea, but that’s a lot of racing…

Recipe for cooling product that can be used in any drink. Check it out here.

Ah, finding that balance…Marathon training made me fat.

Here’s one reason we tend to put on weight, right?

Ian’s ten tips for multi-day racing.  For my race, most of the gear will be transported to each spot by Jeep, so I won’t have to worry about that aspect.

The A-Z of this British fella’s last few years of running.

Trail running has our rock star runner, and climbing has theirs (though admittedly, I’ve never heard of the band.)

Six ways to become a faster runner without running a step.

Wait a sec. So, if this guy lived in China, he would’ve been able to keep the camel as a prize for his first place 100k finish? To hell with cash prizes and buckles, RD’s in the US need to step up their game and start giving away livestock to keep us on par with the rest of the world.


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