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ultrarunning/Rusiecki: Managing the stress of race directing.  RDs are special people…remember to thank them for all their hard work.

Watch this: Highly artistic–but raw–footage from the mile 65 aid station at the No Business 100 miler last weekend. I just subscribed to this guy’s channel and am really looking forward to more footage like this.

Trailrunner/Metzler: The akward thrill of running up a ski slope. These look so rad and I wish we had more stateside. There used to be one in Utah, any others?

Does anyone else see this in their pooch? What’s the cause? Four legs? Horizontal stature?

Triathlete Mag: The Fight Against Pseudoscience, Bad Training Advice, and Bullsh*t. Good article to read during a time where social media is awash with charlatans.

A shared love of beer drinkers and cannabis connoisseurs: Terpenes!

ATRA seems to imply that it supports self-ID’d (no medical intervention) transgender inclusion at MUT races. I sure hope this isn’t true…for an organization that wants to increase overall participation in trail running, kowtowing to a tiny minority would be an unfortunate move.
I’ve asked if they support the policy mentioned in the article and have not heard back.

He received immediate attention from two other competitors, who were doctors, and they triggered the SOS button on his beacon and started the heart massage protocol.

The event’s medical director arrived on the scene within minutes by helicopter but, despite 45 minutes of attempted resuscitation, he was later pronounced dead.

Runner dies during the second day of Marathon des Sables.

iRunFar: The Trailtinos are looking to increase minority participation on the starting lines of trail races. Great cause, and I love that that it seems like a legit grassroots organization.
WSJ: More details from the deadly race in China that claimed the lives of 21 ultramarathon runners.
Yeah, fine, it’s not technically an ultramarathon, but running Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon on the same weekend is pretty awesome. Anyone doing it? Wardian?
CTS: Five reasons why fall is a great time to start training for your first ultramarathon.

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