Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Sep 10

Please, Scott. Do the right and honorable thing and pay it with freakin pennies.

Kelsie struggles with finding balance between running and life.  Add kids to the mix and it gets really funky.

I had a broken femur which kept me out for more than two years. After that, it’s just been normal trail running injuries – broken bones in my feet, broken ribs and a broken hand.

Quick interview with Aliza Lapierre.  Those injuries are normal? Geez, for once I feel pretty good about my running!

Caballo Blanco’s brother is a taxi driver who didn’t really know what his brother had been up to all those years.

Film from this year’s Burning Man Ultramarathon.

A bit late to the party, but here’s a quick chat Outside mag did with Zach Miller.

That cucumber saison actually sounds pretty good.

Four things that keep RDs up at night.  How is that list different for MUT RDs?

How anorexia almost ruined her running life.

Running ultramarathons prepares a person quite well for a job in finance.

Cool video that show’s Shandi’s transformation from stressed out roadie to chillaxin trail chica.

So true: If you’re in a running slump or want to bring back enthusiasm to the sport, go race a mile.

Hey Brooks, yeah, I know what my perfect shoe was. And you cancelled it.

I have no idea what I just read. A lot to discuss here, but she’s blaming society for her concerns with weight, but isn’t she a collegiate athlete on scholarship? I worry about mine, assume all her male teammates do as well, and find it silly she’s playing a victim when in fact she’s just being healthy. My head hurts reading this, and I’m sure there are opposing thoughts to mine. Thoughts?

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