Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 12

At 48, Katrina was a former pro cyclist when she decided to enter a 100k in British Columbia. She won the whole damn thing.

Backpacker: Most of us are somewhat familiar with trail first aid, but if you hike or run with your dog, would you know what to do if your pooch got hurt?

Mountain Outhouse: Veterans run at Wasatch and JamJam takes a DNS at Tor des Geants.

TDG Update: John Kelly and Jason Koop have both finished. Amy Sproston has four checkpoints to go. Waiting on word from others. Live tracking here.

Down the jeep trail I ran at a near blistering pace of about 5:30 per mile. I tried to roll through the rocks bee lining it down the jeep trail. This takes a lot of practice but runners do get better. It helps to roll through your stride and not break with your quads so much.

Timmy Parr’s report from his win at Imogene Pass this past weekend.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: Training for ultramarathons while your life is busy busy busy.

Fastrunning: This is such an easy trap to fall into: I don’t have many times to run this week, so I’m going to push my workouts hard. This article dives into why you don’t need to win training.

Running the Burning Man 50k on LSD.

TrailSisters: Gina writes about how to increase an “awareness” that will hopefully lead to additional participation from women in our silly sport. I agree with her points completely and get to see the tactics and ideas working every day. I’ll add one more idea: Find a collegiate XC meet and take your girls (and their friends or teammates) to watch it. Kids–especially girls–don’t get an upfront view of women’s sports very often, and a good and dirty race can be pretty transformative experience.

Health: Many of us can relate to this guy’s mindset: Obsessing on every detail and diving deep into his passions. But did his obsession for running cause shingles?

Two days ago was National Suicide Awareness Day and I missed the opportunity to remind everyone to listen to this episode with Carol Seppilu who survived suicide and is now finding a new life on the trails. It’s a powerful episode.

Art: Check out some of these beautiful art commissions that highlight trail races from the UK. Maybe we could convince him to do some for stateside races?

YouTube: My favorite runner and my filmmaker in one production. Max Romey’s film about Courtney Dauwalter is fantastic. Aside from the scenery and Courtney-isms, the most impactful part was when she said “I just need to find the other side of this dark patch.” I’ll remember that next time I’m bonking…yes, this is going to be dark and it sucks right now, but look a bit further down the trail, and there’s light down there.
(Ah, and here’s Max’s film about Mt Marathon.)

Anchorage Daily News: Great story about how runner pays tribute to another by setting a new track record.

CNN: California has been passing all sorts of laws recently, and this most recent piece of legislation will allow college athletes to profit from endorsement deals. Very interesting to see how it turns out.

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