Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Sep 17

Great article about the amount of recovering/former addicts in our sport.  Off the top of my head, I’d name Catra Corbett, Dean K, and Charlie Engel as past URP guests who’ve battled the disease.

A backpacker’s training guide for a 100 miler.

The five best yoga moves for athletes.

Did you read John’s account of running his first ultramarathon, just three years after he started running? He details his preparation, training, execution, and recovery.

Awesome! No longer a spectator, the Endurance Athlete’s Wife starts running on her own and…likes it!

Tahoe Rim Trail. Last weekend, near Armstrong Pass.
Tahoe Rim Trail. Last weekend, near Armstrong Pass.

WADA releases list of personas non grata. Mamma mia, Italia!

Woot woot! Founders Brews are coming to California!

Read this and post it somewhere in your house: The Ten Commandments of Healthy Running.

Here’s an interesting analysis of the finishing kick. What gives us power at the end of a race?

CBS This Morning highlights Skyrunning with a bunch of familiar faces.

How many times have we mocked new “scientific findings” on these pages?  This guy takes on climate change, paleo/Celiacs, and evolution.

I guess this is the English version of an OCR? Some adventure sports, mixed in with charity, running, eating bugs, and painting with your boobs?


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