Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 2

No, your eyes did not deceive you. There’s a guy in a Pokemon-inspired bear costume running/walking from Los Angeles to Times Square. He’s currently in the southwest and I think he’d like some edibles.

Remember earlier this year when Nike/BTC athlete Shelby Houlihan got busted for doping and she blamed it on a tainted burrito and everyone freaked out and came to her defense and wrote about how it couldn’t be possible because of the burrito and she was so nice and that if you dared believe the test that you were an a-hole? Yeah, she’s guilty as hell.
From the final report from the CAS (The Court of Arbitration in Sport): “The Athlete’s explanation that the 19-NA in her sample resulted from her consumption of the meat of an uncastrated boar simply cannot be accepted. The explanation pre- supposes a cascade of factual & scientific improbabilities, which means that its composite probability is close to zero.” Full report is here and Kevin Beck’s post about it is here. Both are excellent reads.

The EMU 6 day race started earlier today in Hungary and Camille Herron is running (and leading as of this writing) in what I believe is her first attempt past 48hours. Sandra Barwick (NZ) set the still-standing WR in 1990 with 549 miles. Best of luck to Camille. Here’s a live tracker.

Lake Sonoma is changing hands again, this time to Trail Sisters’ Gina Lucrezi. I’ll be honest…not a fan of this move for two reasons. FIrst, I think it’s important for race directors to live locally and as far as I know, Ms Lucrezi doesn’t live anywhere near Northern California. And second, oh, the wokeness. I’m sure it’ll appeal to some people but doesn’t sound like it’ll be  my type of event.

Lots of crazy stuff in the world right now, so take a moment to read about Paralympian Haven Shepherd and her incredibly positive outlook on life.

Today I learned that Leadville 100 uses llamas to transport aid station equipment.

Short news day. Many of you have “watched” Sunny grow up and…today is her first day of middle school. Gulp.

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