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Want to see what running five ultramarathons at Burning Man looks like?  And here’s our interview with original (and current?) Burning Man RD Cherie Yanek from six years ago.  Wow, we sound weird.

How to hack a Garmin to last 30+ hours. There’s 100% chance I’d screw that up and break something.

Best. Fannypack. Ever.

Alright, who is most likely to break the world record in Berlin? I’m going with Kipchoge.

To some, Autumn means pumpkin spice lattes. To others, it means awesome colors and adventures outdoors. Here’s where to find the best (of the latter) in the US.

Did you catch our latest podcast? Sarah and I take part in the MUT Synchrocast where we talk about how to make your race day perfect.

I’m a big fan of timed races–especially those used to reach specific distances. Here’s a great report/analysis about aiming for 100 miles in 24 hours on a track.

Why it’s OK–and vital–to complain about race organization.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen. Astronomer Greg Salvesen (Cassie Scallon’s BF) digitized Joe Fejes’ 606 mile run at the EMU six-day. Every blip you hear is him completing a lap, which was ~1 km. His longest rest breaks are ~2-3 hours and spaced pretty evenly.‚Äč The consistency, pace, and sound is mesmerizing.

No ultramarathon content, but my guess is a significant portion of us have had this issue: What states are you most likely to hit a deer with your car? (I’ve never hit a deer, but totaled an elk–and a Honda–a few years ago.)

The WORST beers to have for a beer mile.

Vermont 50 Plans

Anyone want to join me at the Alchemist (Stowe) Fri? Also looking for any other brewery/dinner recommendations (besides Idletyme?)  
/msg me if you’d like to meet up. Time is open. I land in BVT around noon.

I’ll be at race central all day Saturday.

Sunday racing running jogging 50 miler, then beer and food apres race?


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