Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 24

SCMP: Mountain stud Francesco Puppi offers tips on how to get faster on the trails.

Trailrunner Mag: What are “land acknowledgments” and what do they mean for trail runners?

Loving it to death: You’re at a beautiful, secluded spot in the great outdoors and feel compelled to snap a pic and post it to Instagram. Do you tag the location and want to share your experience? Or do you resist the urge in hopes of keeping the space free from crowds and traffic? If you guessed that this would turn into a debate about privilege and racism, your 2020 BINGO card is complete.

The Marathon Project: Invite only (50M and 50W) marathon that’ll feature six of the top ten finishers from the Oly Trials with some aggressive goals. Bummer it’s so close to CIM, but will definitely watch.

I am being serious when I say you NEED to run this trail, at least someday. For a semi primitive wilderness trail it’s in great shape, easy to follow without crazy brush or degraded tread. The views are literally endless, it passes by a number of alpine lakes which you’d be hard pressed to surpass in beauty or quality anywhere.


I am not going to sit here and write about how I became enlightened in the Ruby’s. How I figured it all out. I didn’t. But I think I can say a couple things that are true. Running is fun. Trails are rad. If you are like me and love these things, then what you realize is that all of these contrived goals, plans, fears, expectations, they don’t really matter. That is not to say that you should not make goals, plans, sign up for races, get your hopes up, all these these things are good. But if we can’t roll with the punches and keep on ripping, then what is this all really for?

Ryan Ghelfi took on the Ruby Crest Trail in Eastern Nevada. Looks beautiful.

Running a small bookshop at a resort in the (Covid free) Maldives sounds pretty damn nice.

The LetsRun MENSA Team debates whether Kilian is a “fraud.” Or sketch. Or something.

ATRA: What’s Spartan Trail up to for 2021? Would’ve liked to see a bit more digging with the questions, but cynical me notes that Spartan is one of the largest-giving members of ATRA.

Love this idea: Leave your trash in a National Park (in Thailand) and they’ll mail it right back to ya.

Runners World: NCAA D2 XC finals moved to March. Mud mud mud!

Sassy and short today. Heading out on a run.

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