Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Sep 24

Didya see the new list of Western States qualifying races? Gorge Waterfalls is added, as is the Canyons 100k.  What other additions are there?

TED talk: The treadmill’s dark and twisted path.

Schlarb’s report from RRR100. Interesting to read about his strategy going into it and the fears of wrong turns.

…and here’s Jeremy’s 3/4 year review, much of which included incredible runs with Schlarb.

Maine may have a wacky guy in charge of Baxter State Park, but they’ve also got an awesome wife-carrying competition where the winner is awarded her weight in beer.

WOW: Andrew Hamilton crushes Nolan’s record…and does it unsupported.

The study, which required test subjects to verbalize everything that passed through their minds as they ran, found that 32 percent of all thoughts fell under the theme of “Pain and Discomfort.”

More on that study here.  I’d be horrified to listen to a tape of all the things that go through my mind when I’m running.  It’s where I have my most lucid–and certainly most bizarrely OCD–thoughts.

Hey Outside editors: Is there another part to this story? Any follow up? Like, why did this happen?

Not sure if this is an episode of Portlandia or real life: Hipsters, handmade bikes, and craft beer in Portland.

Inspiring story of a normal guy finishing his first hundred.

I recorded a great interview with Andrew Skurka yesterday. Publishing today. Stay tuned!

It’s interesting following Ford Smith‘s life as a recent HS graduate who’s also an elite MUT runner.

Denise Bourassa’s report from UTMB.  

Most of the time we read about rock climbers doing extraordinary things.  There are also tragedies like this one.

I’ve been running in UVU prototypes for awhile now and think it’s the best stuff out there. Now some of it’s available to the public...at quite a price.

Need a little motivation to get ahead in your running or job? Start here.

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