Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 28

Mental Hazards on the Trail: Psychiatric Disorders of Ultramarathon Runners.

Injury prevention from two of the most respected athletes in the endurance world: Ian Sharman and Amelia Boone.

Anyone who’s in the interview business owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to Hef. While “I read it for the articles” may only be half true, the journalism world lost a big one yesterday.

Reebok asked runners what their biggest pet peeves are. Good answers that apply to both the road and trail communities.

Hopheads unite: Lollihops.

Excellent: Four steps to overcoming race day anxiety.

In other news, Canadian climber Peter Zabrok shat himself on Wednesday.

Rickey Gates’ Hut Run Hut adventure, from the perspective and lens of the chief volunteer.

Interview: Salomon’s Greg Vollet and anti-doping in trail running. To the interviewer’s credit, they don’t shy away from Vollet’s doping conviction, but I would’ve liked them to go more in depth in other subjects.

Really cool analysis of Kipchoge’s training leading up to Berlin.

A fifty miler on a hobbyhorse? Sure, why not.

Well, apparently today is “Drink Beer Day.”  Celebrate accordingly.

Hikers get too stoned to descent mountain in UK and have to be rescued. I’m guessing it went something like this. “I ate a brownie 10 minutes ago but don’t feel anything. Gimme 3 more.”

Charmin capitalizes on The Mad Pooper and scores a PR win.

Site update: Sorry for the crash yesterday. We initially thought it was a deliberate attack, but it turns out it was just a lot of traffic accessing podcast files. (Or something.)

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