Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Sep 3

The Rut 50k is tomorrow in Montana (full preview from Montana Trail Crew), and it’s gonna be a good one.  Though there are a lot of DNS’s, Max, Mario, Ashley, Anna, Emelie, Timmy, and more will all be racing.

This guy’s got a good game plan for RRR100.

Alright, I understand the methodology, but comparing the “high” that medicated mice get while running in a wheel to anything that we do on the trails seems pretty nuts.

I’ve checked the sourcing, and no, this article is not from the Onion. Only in California…

A tough ultra in Spain with some killer vert. Luis Alberto Hernando is running, but my money is on Kilian. For the ladies, both Nuria Picas and Emelie Forsberg are entered. Ooooh, this should be fun!

And a bit less serious, the Burning Man 50k is this weekend in the Nevada desert. Check out that video.

A lot of people would use “getting hit by a car at the starting line” a bad omen. Others would use it as a reason for kicking ass and winning. Eric opted for the latter.

Five tips for overnight backpacking with kids.

Speaking of which, it’s the first day of 1st grade.  Better boogie.

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