Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 5

Funny and relatable pacer report from Leadville 100.

Jill Outside: The best essay on PTL I’ve read. Jill shares her history with the Alps, her love/hate relationship with the race, and how everything went this year. Great read.

You could say my one ultra experience so far was both a huge success and total utter disaster. Crossing the line first at Race to the Stones showed me I’m physically capable of running for 100km without dying, and being competitive, but the subsequent disqualification for going off-course showed I have, errr, work to do!
But either way, I had well and truly caught the ultra bug, seduced by the pressure-free environment, the glorious scenery, the camaraderie, the physical challenge and a step into the unknown.

We’ve got another convert joining us on the trails. Nice to have ya, Tom!

Oregon: Trail runner encounters mountain lion on the trail and as it approaches, he kicks it in the face. Fish and game track it, find it, and put it down.

Here’s your feel good story of the day. Nice work, Juan!

And here’s your Thursday funny for the day: Kipchoge defends decision to use electric scooter in sub 2 marathon attempt.

iRunFar: Profile of one of the prime examples of an outdoorsman and someone who practices what he preaches, Jared Campbell. Great read.

Adventure Blog: Looks like Kilian will be making a speed attempt on Everest’s south side this autumn.

NY Post: Aussie woman sues her neighbor over smell of cooked meat, so naturally, they’ve planned a massive BBQ in her front yard and invited everyone.

When I get bored, I click over to to fastestknowntimes to see who’s out working on a new record.

Sober curious? Do we have to give it a name like that? Can’t it be “doesn’t drink” or “only drinks NA stuff?” Ugh.

Good recap of the HOKA HOKA Long Island Mile. Women’s race and men’s race were both awesome.

Prepping for an interview tomorrow where I’ll be talking with an author about one of ultramarathon’s greatest runners and most colorful characters. Stay tuned.

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