Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Apr 26

A love letter to one of the biggest ultramarathons in the world.: Two Oceans.

Is Kipchoge the GOAT? Consider.

Ultramarathon race guidelines warn runners of a range of risks: heat stroke, dehydration, renal shutdown and hypothermia. “Every time I run a 100-mile trail race I encounter the pain cave,” says professional ultrarunner Jeff Browning (aka Bronco Billy). “I think what’s important to understand in a long-duration endurance sports, like ultramarathon, is that the pain cave is inevitable. It will come. Bank on that and accept it.”

How comfortable are you in the Pain Cave? Do you know the way out?

Good interview with Aussie trail/ultramarathon runner Jake Malby.

With consumers looking for more “experience” for their race dollar, road races are angling to host events that go beyond just “running.” Will the ultramarathon industry soon follow this trend, or are we already seeing harbingers of this with multi-day race festivals? Do you think you get a good return on your registration fee? 

Speaking of RDs and registration, always know who you’re going into business with. Bummer for these charities.

Timothy Olson signs with Adidas. Interesting move. Anxious to see shoe innovations next year.

Doctor Violett answers some ultramarathon health and diet questions right this way.

In other news, Timothy Olson’s phone blows up with friends asking for his old North Face gear.

More on Zandy Mangold and his attitude towards ultramarathon suffering, his time racing with Stephanie Case, and how he got to where he is.

Not an ad: If you’ve got a giant noggin and can’t find hats to fit, this place makes custom hats that are pretty cool. My head is big in both circumference, as well as “height”, and for $30, I got a cool looking hat that actually fits and doesn’t look like a yarmulka. I ordered an XL, then put in the notes that I need it big in both measurements and they came through.

The URP Twitter account hit 25k followers this week. Thanks for checking it out everyone! 

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