Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, April 12

Ian’s updates and pics from Stage 4 of Marathon des Sables. (Why are people acting surprised that Magda is leading? It’s Magda.)

Check out our latest interview with veteran ultramarathon runner and midpacker Mike Strzelecki. He’s collected 18 pieces of advice and wisdom over his 32+ years on the trail and shares them all in this podcast.

Adaptive (pain) strategies are things like ignoring pain, deciding that you won’t let it bother you, or overriding it with the urge to keep going. Maladaptive strategies are things like catastrophizing (“I’m going to have to drop out!”), fear (“It’s going to keep getting worse!”), and despondence (“This is awful!”).

Great analysis by Hutchison on how ultramarathon runners and endurance athletes think of pain.

Here’s Sablle’s account of running as a sighted guide during Kyle’s marathon in December. Yes, the shorts make an appearance.

Five ways yoga helps your athletic performances (even if you’re as flexible as a piece of iron, like me.)

Training for Western States? Joe Uhan drops a TON of knowledge and advice on course-specific training.

That hill is so steep that I figured the only thing below the old book location was hell itself, but it turns out that 400 vertical feet further down is a little piece of paradise by the Barley Mouth Branch.

Great report by Nicki about her fifth attempt at Barkley. Fantastic writing and storytelling!

Short news day. I’m getting ready to release an episode with Jared Hazen where he talks about his strategy at Lake Sonoma. His goal: Win the damn thing.

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