Ultramarathon Daily News, Thursday, April 13

Short and sweet today.

Mountain Outhouse latest episode: Walmsley, Mackey, Boller, Troll, Barkley, and more.

Check out our latest interview with Rickey Gates.  We talk people, gear, food, funky instruments, and who he wants to finish his run with.

That episode sponsored by ultra-stickers.com.  Check them out for sweet stickers made for outdoor enthusiasts!

I had put myself into a very rough spot for a whole bunch of reasons, but what I found was the will to continue came from that strong intention set before the pain and suffering of a derailed race. I am so happy that I carried on to the end.

Ryan Ghelfi’s report from 100 Miles of Istria.

From Meagan Brown: The longer the race, the stronger women get.

Angry Jogger: Ten benefits of running every day for the past 500 days.

Interesting: How trail maintenance funding works in Washington state.

I won’t be at Lake Sonoma this year.  Easter’s the next day and the Bunny will only be in our lives for a few more years.  Family time.  Have fun everyone.

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