Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, April 19

NatGeo covers Tim Olson and Anna Frost’s Snowman Trek through the high passes of the Bhutan Himalayas.

More on Cory’s 100 miler on a cruise ship ultramarathon extravaganza-palooza.

You’re sure to PR when you’re running a unique distance…ultramarathon or otherwise. Sarah examines seven non-traditional races.

Brendan from Semi-Rad recently ran the Grand Canyon and kept a funny trail diary. 

How FKTs are shaping the trail running scene in 2018.

Me…under the microscope. A more thorough approach then our mothballed Five Questions.

I’m on Instagram right here.

Latest Mountain Outhouse is up right here. #speedoinsquaw. Great info on the RSA 100 mile track record attempt!

If you find a screaming deal on a SCOTT bike on the intrawebz, read this first.

Hindsight is 20-20 but I definitely underestimated the course despite all of the advice I received from veterans. Though it didn’t feel like it at the time, I probably went out a touch too fast. 

–Amy Leadham’s report from a tough Lake Sonoma. Now she’s got to make the decision whether or not to accept the Altra Golden Ticket.

Here’s a great static cam video of mile 12.5 on the Sonoma course.

Great article about Krissy Moehl and her place in the MUT community.

Read this: How to stay a lifelong athlete, decade by decade.

Watch this: Cool video that shows Mike Foote’s recent 24 hours of vert record.


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