Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Aug 10

Catch up with JamJam and Mountain Outhouse for a fun take on trail and ultramarathon news including the Mountain Running Champs, YiOu and Sean’s adventure, Nolan’s, and more.

Thursday Funny: Heinz introduces new gel-packed Sports Ketchup.

Like a sledgehammer with teeth.

–Listen to this guy’s incredible story of getting attacked by a grizzly bear twice in one day.

The top slacklining spots in the US.

Some pro triathletes are flexing their entrepreneurial spirit and launching gear companies to fill gaps in the industry, as well as their income. Not counting sponsor-branded products, what have MUT runners brought to market?

Jogger Rage: Why runners are getting more aggressive/assholey.

Did you catch our latest episode? I spoke with mountain running champ Joe Gray about all sorts of subjects: Why he doesn’t run more ultras, why aren’t there more African Americans in domestic ultras, what should be done about the PED issue, and why sponsors and athletes switch around so much.

ultramarathonThat episode was sponsored by The North Face Endurance Challenge – Wisconsin. Held Sept 16-17, there’s a race distance for everyone on a very runnable course that’s great for speedsters and beginners alike. Use URP15 for a sweet discount. Thanks for their support!

This horse took a DNS at the start of Tevis Cup. Sad.

Alright, this Kickstarter jacket looks pretty awesome. Anxious to see the final product.

Each year after AC, Uncle Larry gets fired up and posts about the (mis)management of the race. To be clear, I love a guy who’s got passion about something and isn’t afraid to take his suggestions public. Here’s his latest screed.

ultramarathonLearn it. Know it. Live it.  Five ways you’re sabotaging your training.

The car camping/post race chair choice. What’s your favorite?  Here’s what I use. Love the size, packability, quick setup, but I hate having to get up out of it.

Beer news: Sacramento has dozens of breweries, and we just lost two this week. One stalwart (with a darn good IPA), an one newer place. Harbinger of the end of the bubble?

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