Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Aug 16

A very good and important discussion to have: How to have kids and an exciting mountain/outdoor career? But hey, what does the article not mention dads doing the same though? 

Jan Ullrich update: Psychiatric hospital.

Finland looks like a great place for trail running…except in the winter!

Be sure to check out this video of Hillary Allen’s redemption at Broken Arrow Skyrace. A year after a running accident almost killed her, she’s back! Here’s our chat with Hillygoat from last year.

Hutch analyses the science community’s ability to define the upper limits of fitness. When you’re looking at so-and-so’s VO2 max, are you looking at their relative or absolute numbers? Good stuff.

Excellent and important stretching technique for us runners with limited flexibility.

Looking to waste some time (ahem, research) some events? When was the last time you played around with the RealEndurnace race compare tool?

The Beer Mile just got a lot more groovy.

Heading to Idaho for an adventure run? Know this about the new property laws before you go, lest you end up paying massive legal bills or getting shot.

Meet Jabber Jaw, the running pygmy goat from Texas.

With wild fires burning all over the dang place, what’s the best plan and procedure for staying safe on the trails? Skurka’s on it.

Jamil’s latest podcast episode dives into a discussion on ultramarathon race rules and recent DQs. I may have to give it a listen/watch.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever, but if you’re anything like me and you buy a large bag of spinach each week only to use small part of it…here are some options for recipes before throwing it out.

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