Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Aug 2

Rest days are good. Rest months, not so much.

Runners, cyclists, and climbers in the PNW: Who’s gonna try to the Tour de Volcanoes next? 16 out of 16 active Volcano summits, 2,400 miles of biking with 127,000 feet of elevation gain, 180 miles of climbing/running with 79,700 feet of gain. From starting Mount Lassen at the trailhead, to finishing Mount Baker at the trailhead, 25 days, 9 hours, and 58 minutes.

And for something a bit shorter. Do you:

  • Have extra airline miles built up?
  • Have a dislike for the cartilage in your knees?
  • Like to risk broken bones and teeth?
  • Don’t mind a race that’s less than 1/4 mile?
  • If so...I’ve got the race for you! (scroll down for English)

Neat profile on Dakota Jones’ mom Beth.

Excellent article about an ultramarathon runner who thought her ideal body was lean and mean with a six pack. She worked hard and achieved it, only to figure out it wasn’t what she wanted.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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