Ultramarathon Daily News |Thursday, Aug 24

Welp, I didn’t win the Lotto, so it looks like there won’t be a no-holds-barred 100 mile ultramarathon championship extravaganza-palooza with a five million dollar prize and the best beer and nacho stand in the world. In my dream, I still hadn’t decided on a locale or time of year though, so there’s still work to do…

Six differences between a marathon and a 50k.

Bryon’s extensive preview of trail shoes for spring ’18.

It’s tough to read, but a solid reminder to be careful out there.

Lebron v Malcolm. Who ya got?

Malcolm Gladwell challenges Lebron James to a mile. Any place. Any time. All money goes to charity. Oh, I hope this happens!

Awesome: Devon’s Leadville race report.

Texas ranch turned into outdoor endurance sports playground

In 2016, he raced four 100-milers, two 100Ks, two 50-milers, two 50Ks, twelve marathons, two half-marathons, two 10-milers, four 10Ks, two five-milers, nine 5Ks, a vertical-kilometer treadmill competition and a one-mile ascent of the Eiffel Tower.

Excellent article by Paul Cuno Booth about Iron Mike Wardian. Without a doubt one of the nicest guys in the ultramarathon/trail running/ road racing/treadmill world, Mike is accessible to “fans”, media, and sponsors, and apparently has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Steeplechase? Do it!

Setting: Ultramarathon in Bali. 
Problem: Stray dog steals your shoe from an aid station.
Solution: Borrow shoe from a friend for remainder of race.
Problem #2: Shoe is three sizes too small.
Solution #2: Cut out toe box and keep running.
Outcome: Finished.

How to survive UTMB: Training, eating, and gear. And who’ll be there ready to race.

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