Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Aug 31

Watch this: Great footage from Allison and Mallory’s unsupported record around the Wonderland Trail. 

If you live in Eugene, OR, I envy you. Free track workout with Olympian Ian Dobson every Thursday, followed by beers afterwards. I’d be there every week.

Great video about Jim Walmsleys 2017 Western States attempt. When you play with fire, sometimes you get burned…

Sarah and I are in the same boat right now. She’s got RRR100 in a few weeks and feels unprepared, I’ve got Vermont 50 in a few weeks, and know I’m unprepared. Lots going on at home, and though my fitness is improving, I’m a loooong way from being ready.

I dunno, I think doing a handstand walk around Iceland is drawing…confusing attention…to the cause she’s trying to support. 

ICYMY: Due to the wild fires in Southern Oregon, Pine to Palm 100 has been cancelled. I’m sure a grueling and emotional decision for RD Hal Koerner, but one that people understand. Check FB page for more info.  But hey, there’s some good news! If you’re all trained and set to run a hundred, Headlands Hundred has opened up registration (with maybe a discount?) for the race on the same day.  I’ve run it (DNF’ed, doh!) and it’s managed well and is beautiful. All runnable, very beautiful, tough, but mentally very grinding.

Smart thinking, Japan. Marathon route too hot? Play the long game and plant trees alongside it.

So what exactly was that stuff Sharapova was on? This writer got some, took, it, and wrote about its effects on her tennis game. Maybe I missed it in the article, but I’d like to know how much her bottle of pills cost.

Strong American contingent toeing the line in Chamonix tomorrow. As far as I know, everyone’s starting.

Holy Cow: This is one way Meredith Edwards and Jason Schlarb trained for the Alps.

Joanie: I’m going sub 3 at 60. That would not be a good wager to bet against.

Follow these eight simple rules and never have to worry about being healthy again.

Recorded interview last night…will release later this morning. 

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