Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, August 1

Another day, another new guest host bringing you the Daily News while Eric is overseas. My name is Pete Kresock, writing to you from the “gorges” city of Ithaca, NY. I’m a trail and ultra runner, a race director, and an all-around fan of the sport. I have a blog called The Long and Winding Trail and I sometimes post stuff on Instagram and Twitter. Enough preamble—let’s jump right in…

Here’s a nice profile on YiOu Wang’s year of circling the globe and how she fit in running during her travels, plus her favorite countries and places to run. The article didn’t mentioned, though, how YiOu returned to California and started 2019 strong with second place finishes at Sonoma and Black Canyon.

Manitous Revenge. I ran this race in 2016. Words and photos can hardly convey how rugged and gnarly the course is.

More #BeastCoast—Ben Nephew’s report on his win at the inaugural Iron Mines 50k. The takeaway: New Jersey has way more rocks and technical trails than most people expect.

John Fegyveresi recently finished an unsupported speed hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. I always enjoy reading John’s detailed adventure reports.

Last week I visited New Hampshire’s White Mountains for the first time and hiked to some killer views of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. This got me interested in the history of the Pemi Loop FKT—a record that’s highly competitive and has changed hands between some true northeast badasses a number of times. I’ve since added the rugged and remote 50k loop to my bucket list.

Vermont 100 race report—with loads of beautiful countryside pictures from the course—by a guy who’s now halfway through The Last Great Race. (That’s North America’s original six hundred-milers, completed in a single summer.)

Warrior Dash just canceled all its races, after its parent company failed to find a buyer for the brand and went out of business.

The best outdoor podcasts of all time. Another listicle that’s entirely subjective, but it does include URP. I listen to a ton a podcasts and most of these I’ve never heard of. I’ll call that a testament to just how large the podcasting medium has become over the past five years.

The women’s third-place runner at the Liupanshui International Marathon in China collapsed at the awards ceremony. Apparently she’s okay, but strange that she wasn’t given medical attention until the ceremony ended.

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