Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday Dec 14

Despite what you hear and see on social media, there are other ultramarathons besides Western and Hardrock. Here are a few of them.

Avocados with edible skins and no pits sound like something out of a dream, right? Apparently they’re real. Yo Brits, have you had one? What do you think?

I had erased doubts and calloused my tolerance for discomfort. I was ready to run as fast as I could for 50 miles. What I did better than anything during the race was forget. As the race progressed, I forgot about the previous miles and steep climbs. As I hit the towpath and settled into a faster pace, I forgot about how long I still had to go.

Excellent post by Eric Senseman about making lemonade out of lemons, using his JFK win (podcast here) and Zach Miller’s debut 50 miler as examples. And whoa, very cool! Looks like Eric just signed with the rabbit pro team!

Broken Arrow Skyrace registration is open! With something for everyone (26k, 52k, VK), now’s your chance to run in the only Skyrace on the west coast. See you there!

Quite a punishment, eh? Two hundred Russian athletes may be competing in the games.

And in more shocking news, Chris Froome gets popped for doping and blames it on a preexisting condition. (Again, if you can’t compete without banned drugs, you shouldn’t be competing at a pro level.)

Check out our latest interview with Anthony Costales. Last month, Anthony finished 2nd to Mario Mendoza at the Moab Trail Marathon, then four weeks later, clicked off a 2:13 PR at Cal Int’l Marathon. What’s in store for 2018? His first ultramarathon, Olympic Trials, and running with his dog.

Last week, Patreon changed its billing and service charges and many patrons (and creators!) were upset. Yesterday, they announced that “they’ve heard us” and will not be implementing the new changes.  Thanks again to everyone who’s supporting the show and site via Patreon. I appreciate the heck out of it.

I shot this from my balcony in New Delhi, mid morning. The building directly across the park (behind the dish) is barely visible. New Delhi, 2016.

How to run in the smog. I tried clicking off a few miles in New Delhi last year (pic above) right around the Diwali celebration (festival of lights and insane firework displays) and made it 3 miles before I couldn’t breathe…and I was raised in Southern California.

Great story of a Vietnam vet dealing with his PTSD by running trails. Give it a read.

How to stay fueled (and keep your nutrition edible!) in cold weather by Dr. Francesca Conte. Want a free sample? Click here!

This fifty-something Kiwi followed the steeplechase but never competed in the event, so he did what anyone else would do: Built himself some barriers, practiced for a few weeks, then showed up and started breaking age group records.


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