Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Dec 20

Read this: What happens when your body breaks down and refuses to participate in your passion?

We talk a lot on the show about how important a support system is to a runners success. This Boyfriends of Oiselle account/story takes it public in a funny way.

More on relationships: Admitting when you’re wrong on the trail. (Ask me about the time I sunk our kayak…)

I’m recording a new interview tomorrow morning and hope to post it by the afternoon. Patreon supporters know who it’ll be with and I think are pretty excited as I step waaaaay out of my wheelhouse.

Hop on over here and help design a shirt that recognizes the most inspirational MUT women from 2018.

Head on over to Strava and check out the new features on the Summit Upgrade.
Want to try for free? Use URP at checkout.

I’ve got a strange fascination with run streakers. Part of me thinks it’s silly because the fun and passion are ignored for some dumb recognition. Part of me is horrified at the thought of running after surgery or with a stomach flu. And part of me is insanely jealous that these people have the consistency and drive to run every single day. Here’s a good example of a Canadian dentist who’s been running every day for 40 years.

Yesterday I asked if anyone could recommend a WP plugin that could accommodate polling for the above post and that wouldn’t require coding or a week to figure out integration. Francois recommended TypeForm and within an hour I had it up and running. It cost me $30 due to the number of expected entries, but it was well worth it and I highly recommend it for people short on time. (Only financial interest I have is that I bought it.)

Have you played around with the new trophy feature on ultrasignup? Here’s how it works using Jim Walmsley as an example.

This series by Trail Sister Erica Rackley has been excellent. Part four covers mindset and is a must read for anyone who likes adventure runs.

Bob Hearn at Burning Man

In our latest podcast, Bob Hearn and I cover all sorts of material. He’s designing a piece of software that will predict outcomes of races based on a bunch of physiological factors. Intriguing, eh? Bob looks at ultramarathon racing as one big puzzle and he’s getting close to figuring it out. Definitely give it a listen. I’m also joined by URP Gear Guy Ben after the interview to talk about his favorite gear from 2018. Reebok? Under Armour? Yep.

Thursday Funny: Free Solo parody.

Ever wanted to start your own running apparel company? Here’s how rabbit did it.

And one of my favorite funny articles from the year.

What do you think of this guy’s assertions about how healthy it is to race? He seems to make an exception for ultramarathon distances, but what about the rest? Agree?

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